Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Confessions of a "Handicapped" Parent

It came to me in a flash! I was trying to think of a name for this blog. I wanted it to be for parents of disabled children and I wanted it to be short. If I just said "handicapped parents", then someone might think it was for a parent with a disability.
Then it dawned on me... okay it hit me like a hammer. This blog was never about my own child, who is disabled. This blog and story has always been about me. It was ME who was truly disabled and my stories are a journey of how I learned to cope with, deal with, grow and cure myself of this disability.
Children who are developmentally or physically disabled instinctivley and inherently KNOW what they are capable of. It us, the parents, not our children who have the disability.
As parents, we have been bombarded all our life about what a parent is and should be. There is the media, our parents and mentors and role models all throwing images and ideas on how to parent but NO ONE ever tells you how to be a parent to a child with a disability.
When our child is born we too are born. We are born blind to what we can do, say or be. We are blind to what our child is capable of.
We are deaf to our own inspiration and we are emotionally crippled by our constant questioning of: why me?
We are also born again mute. We speak about what we need and what our child needs and often the people and organizations around us cannot hear us.
We are paralyzed with anger and resentment because no one understands what it is like and we often become exhausted trying to make a case to people who can help us.
This this blog is not about your child or mine. There are millions of disabilities and diagnostic categories our children will fit into. But there is only one place for a parent who's child is born with or a child who develops a medical issue. This blog is for you.
This blog is all about offering a course of action, through sharing about the journey to recover from my "birth" as disabled parent to an adapted parent.

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